A grand view from the 101ellwood rooftop deck

Posted by 101Ellwood on 05:48 AM, 23-May-16

The rooftop deck is an extension of the grand 101 Ellwood Apartments structure and one that is easily convertible into a special function room.

Residents can organize barbecue parties at the rooftop deck with assistance from the 101ellwood rooftop deck staff.

The all weather wide open-sided function hall gives everyone a wide expanse view of what’s around Baltimore, or a panoramic view of the city from the highest floor of the apartments. 

As the warm weather of summer comes around, residents come up to the 101ellwood rooftop deck to feel the cool breeze during the day and just gaze over the grand view of Baltimore. At night, as the place is lit up, residents go for al-fresco parties of barbecue dining and beer drinking over some local folk singing bands entertaining residents and guests.

Everyone just wants to gaze at the sweeping skyline view on the horizon, watch the gorgeous sunset pour its rays into the open walls of the 101ellwood rooftop deck, as others make way to convert the place into an exciting rooftop bar. 

Residents can grab quality drinks and bar bacon sandwiches and other delicacies as the caressing wind blows from all sides of the 101ellwood rooftop deck. 

The 101ellwood rooftop deck is one of the best attractions of 101ellwood apartments as the function hall can be easily used for a variety of purposes including the conduct of special seminars, art workshops, business meetings, and grand parties like weddings-on-rooftop. 

Outside, the view of Baltimore from a far distance contrasts with the warm colors and mellow lights of the 101ellwood rooftop deck, the mountains from a far distance providing a backdrop for a happy apartment living. 

The 101ellwood rooftop deck becomes a point of convergence of residents from different places and backgrounds who come up to socialize, to relax or simply to do some terrace-gazing down below the dazzling lights of the city. it becomes an exhilarating experience for everyone to come up at the 101ellwood rooftop deck. An uninterrupted view of Baltimore below is simply amazing. 

As part of the community amenities, the 101ellwood rooftop deck can provide the convenience and the opportunity for residents to interact with others in a friendly and affable manner, as the spatial ecology of the apartment provides an ambience of high spirits and liveliness.

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